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Another fundraising (ish) post

Okay, I need to get a six-month car insurance policy, which runs roughly $400.

I need to pay off some EIPs on my phone plan that I entered into when money was more stable. I’d also really like to pay this month’s phone bill - I don’t have a full-time gig right now, because my car is down for the count at the moment, and I feel bad making Cally pay my bills, no matter how many times she says, “Dude, it’s whatever.”

I need to pay for my divorce, because as much as I dislike Kenny, I don’t feel right making him pay for a divorce he didn’t ask for. That’s roughly $350.

I need to fix my Toyota so I can get a job and finish school, and I need to fix my Nissan so that I can give Raven the Toyota (and get a BETTER job).

I need to pay for Raven’s estrogen patches until Medicaid accepts her gender marker changes, and I need to pay for another ID for Raven to force the gender marker change (and also pay for the altered birth certificate and name change). She just started hormones and is still getting used to it (and is somewhat sick), but very much presents as male at the moment, which means finding a job is very difficult for her, and will be more so once she changes the gender markers on her ID, since it will still have the name her parents gave her on it (the name change is just gonna have to come later). I would very literally walk through fire for her to get as much of her transition stuff taken care of.

So! I am willing to sell the following:

Proofreading, especially for academic papers. I’m well-versed in both APA and MLA format. I can also write papers but you’ll need to present a case to me for me to be willing to do that. Cost: $5 per double-spaced page, discounts for bulk entries.

Tutoring in English language and basic math, up to low-level trig. Stay away from me with calculus and stats. Cost: $15 an hour, discounts if you book five sessions and pay in advance.

Tarot readings, personalized: $20. You and I come up with a personalized layout based on what you want to figure out, and you choose from the three decks I have access to.

Tarot readings, basic: $10. We use my standard pentacle layout and my favorite Gilded deck.

I do other forms of divination but those are more costly and we have to discuss them. I primarily work with Kemetic gods.

Writing: I can write short stories! You have something you want written? Hit me up. We can work out prices and such. I’m willing to write fanfic but idk how I feel about selling fanfic so I’d probably gift you something if you donate to the cause or something.

I have a Ko-Fi if you just wanna leave me a tip. Warning, it absolutely goes towards buying Rockstar energy drinks to keep me awake to work as much as I can. There IS a donation button on my tumblr page if you’re so inclined, but I’m more about selling my services.

All transactions will take place through PayPal. Once we haggle out the price, I will send you an invoice. I can take checks, money orders, and payments through Amex Bluebird or Serve cards. Those take slightly longer to process, however.

My PayPal and email are tashabot at Gmail dot com. Feel free to contact me if you wish to commission me for any of these things!

If you can’t, which I understand fully, please consider signal boosting this.

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