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Every time I have to walk home: death would be better than this.

Somebody just told that I shouldn’t whine about walking because it’s ‘healthy’ for the environment and your body and I just want to provide you all with some context.

Has anyone heard of Baldwin Street??? Baldwin Street is the steepest recorded residential street in the world and it’s located right here in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I live two streets across and one street above from Baldwin Street. The steepest. Residential street. In. The. World.

So don’t come at me saying it’s healthy to walk home unless you regularly climb sheer cliff faces okay!?!???

Hi op this is terrifying

The road has to be made of concrete because tar just slides down…

Driving down this street is genuinely terrifying because there’s this level bit at the top and for a second it honest-to-god looks like you’re about to drive off a cliff. 

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