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i think. ok. like. john mulaney and the mcelroys aren’t actually that funny in terms of their improv/the quality of their jokes. there are people with much better written comedy sets and funnier improv, but the way that they deliver what they say it what makes it good. they could read the back of a shampoo bottle and you’d feel like you just heard a joke

this is part of the reason john mulaney gifs aren’t nearly as funny as videos of him. you cant explain why his horse in a hospital bit is funny unless you’ve actually heard him say “IT’S A ĤĤORSE. IN A H́OSPITAL”

there has absolutely been like an extended meta discussion about this with the mcelroys, how the delivery of their humor is at least half the humor, particularly in MBMBAM and the way griffin reads yahoos, and in the tv show the way they use unusual language to convey very relateable feelings with very strange language (“my eyes went to hell”) etc

its fascinating shit

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