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“It’s refreshing to see a man play the love interest in a superhero movie, giving heartfelt speeches while his eyes glimmer with tears, and gazing in awe as Diana saves him from a hail of bullets. Anyone who finds this emasculating can go flush their head down a toilet, because Wonder Woman treats its love interest with more respect than most superhero franchises. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is a fully-developed character with his own enemies and allies (a rarity among his female counterparts), and his romance with Diana is more effective as a result.

Rather than being a roided-up carnage machine like DC’s usual male leads, he’s like a sweeter version of Rogue One‘s Cassian Andor: a spy who survives by violence and deception, rediscovering his sense of hope by following an outsider hero.” – REVIEW: Wonder Woman is the first truly great movie of the DC franchise

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