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This should go viral 

King Leopold II, as only one example, had a hand in the Congolese rubber trade. Enslaved people would be made to collect rubber sap on their bodies. When it dried it would be peeled off along with their skin, leaving them severely wounded. They were forced to collect as much rubber as possible as quickly as possible because their loved ones were being held in the custody of Belgians; their lives were threatened and the women were assaulted.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg….


The colony in The Congo was in fact a “personal” colony of King Leopold II, not even a colony of the Belgian state, and therefore even more gruesome atrocities were committed. There are accounts of families being held hostage so one could work, and if a slave did not bring enough of a good back they would have their hands amputated. It was so bad that the Belgian state (white, patriarchal, imperialistic and not that great by itself) took possession of it from Leopold because they thought he was being too inhumane. Now, if an inherently racist and imperialistic government that thinks Africans are inferior to Europeans forcefully takes a colony from you for being too inhumane, you’ve got to be pretty fucking terrible.

There’s a documentary about this called King Leopold Ghost’s https://youtu.be/J9oTL5KAk80

Highly recommended.

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