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Just spent all night watching my Senator host a Facebook Live event that turned into an impromptu rally of 300+ people on the Capitol steps, and even though I was just streaming it on my laptop from home I still feel so energized and… almost hopeful? Like, we can actually beat this.

If you can get to DC or will be around there this week, it sounded like there’ll be protests happening from now until the bill is killed. If, like me, you can only watch from afar, please keep calling your Senators and show up at their district offices if possible to let them know that you’ll stand with them if they’re fighting for your healthcare and you’ll remember come election time if they aren’t. People’s lives are on the line; they need to hear from all of us.

For those who want to watch this, which is AMAZING by the way, I have never seen an impromptu Town Hall happen like this, and I have NEVER seen Senators and Representatives just show up because they can, I have a link:


It’s almost 4 hours long. It’s worth every second.

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