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Y’ALL my sister just dropped a theory about Moana on me and I’m

Grandma Tala. She seemed like a fairly healthy old woman on the whole, right? Dancing with the sea and the rays, doing Old Crazy Lady things etc etc. Okay. Sure.

The thing is, my sister suddenly pointed out that, ever since Moana dropped it as a baby, Tala had possession of the Heart of Te Fiti. The source of Life.

And then she gave it to Moana, who ran off with it to try and get the islanders to voyage out for Maui, and… suddenly deteriorated. Died.

What if the Heart had been keeping her alive. Te Fiti gave Life to the islands, but in the hands of another, what if that isn’t what it does? What if the Heart grants immortality? What if Tala knew, and still gave up the Heart so that Moana could find Maui, restore Te Fiti, and save Motunui?

And if that’s what the power of the Heart really was, no wonder the monsters wanted it.

And that’s why Moana survived in places she should have died, INCLUDING venturing the realm of spirits aka the underworld

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