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June 06 2017

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I’m dying

the things nerds do to avoid awkward conversations…

This reminds me of that one story where this guy ran a marathon and whenever someone would try to talk to him, he would run a little faster to avoid small talk conversation with other competitors and ended up winning the marathon

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Eyes of Michelangelo’s David.

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“There’s so many people that would disagree with that, probably.”

Colbert: Would anyone disagree with that?

Crowd: NO!!!!!


Is it just me or is he trying to articulate how uncomfortable he is w/ being a sex icon? Like, maybe this is b/c I’m exceedingly demisexual but. If I became famous and was told that oodles of ppl (of any gender) wanted to fuck me or were having sexual fantasies about me, I would probably crawl out of my skin. I’d feel super violated. And he’s going “No, no” as in “No I don’t like being a sex symbol” and Colbert just steamrolls right over that like “That’s nice” and honestly it sounds like one of those force masculinity things like “As a guy you Must Like Sexual Attention”. I mean, he might also have low self esteem that’s playing into this? But there’s a difference between “Shut up you’re cute” and “Shut up and accept unwanted attention”/”Shut up and accept uncomfortable compliments” and I don’t. Rly know which is happening here. 

@copperbadge It looks like Adam could use an RDJ advises, maybe John could give him a referral?

“Adam. We need to talk.”

“Holy shit – “

“It’s okay, I know this is a surprise. John called me. You’re going to need to clear your schedule.”

“Wait – why….”

“I’m going to teach you to strut. Or, if you don’t want to strut, I’m going to teach you to destroy people who make you uncomfortable. Up to you but either way we’ll need at least a week.”


[RDJ Advises Chris Evans Adam Driver on his Life Choices]



When you load up on caffeine to make yourself less sad, but instead you just get Accelerated Depression™

I love how fucking abstract the concept of Accelerated Depression is. Like, it’s vague as fuck, but we all know what tf it feels like

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So: This scene comes right after Luke’s brush with the dark in the name of love (his desire to protect Leia) and his realization that what’s in Vader that made him what he is is also in him. A realization that doesn’t shatter Luke, or make him falter, or make him weak, or make him decide once and for all that Yoda and Kenobi were right about the dangers of love and emotion. No, no LUKE FUCKING RAY OF SUNSHINE GIFT THE THE GALAXY SKYWALKER takes this and finds the hope in it, the humanity in it, and he understands that he can’t FIGHT the influence of the dark side, he can only stand up to it and reject it. Reject the bloodshed and hate and vengeance and fear and the implication that he’s doomed to those things, that his father is doomed to those things. LUKE GODDAMN PUREST-LOVE INCARNATE SKYWALKER looks at what he’s done to Vader and why and he answers for it by casting aside his very ability to be tempted to hurt Vader again, to be corrupted by Palpatine. And to protect himself. He makes the most defiant possible gesture, trusting his friends to destroy the Death Star, choosing to live in the light or hell, die in it.

“I am a JEDI.”

thats. the. ultimate. Defiance of the emperor and everything he’s tried to destroy. It’s a proclamation of belief in an idea, in many ways, that implies that nothing can kill good forever.

But is this enough for LUKE ACTUAL ANGEL SKYWALKER? You bet your ass it’s not. Luke doesn’t stop there, choosing to fight and die GOOD, affirming the longevity of the Jedi and the Light, he takes his father with him. He sticks to his guns, his belief in Anakin’s redemption, that his father is still in there, even after he threatened everything Luke loves and Luke himself. LUKE BEAUTIFUL GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKER SKYWALKER drags Anakin with him into the light whether he’s ready for it or not, even after everyone around him has told him it’s impossible:

“Like my father before me.”

And that says everything you could ever need to know about Luke.

So, YEAH, this is IT. This moment is the defining moment of LUKE PERFECTION SKYWALKER’S absolute commitment to all that is good and loving and all belief in such in this world because Luke Skywalker is tHE WALKING EMBODIMENT OF LOVE AND SUNSHINE OK



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I just stole this from Facebook




there’s an educational trivia game at the citadel on the exhibits on different planets called “Dog or Not?” that shows pictures of various four legged mammals and asks if they’re a breed of dog.

it was mainly for kids to learn about the diversity of earth’s flora and fauna but it became popular with adult aliens too and had to be shut down after almost causing no less than three diplomatic incidents.

they brought it to the nexus and it’s caused two more so far

“That’s definitely a dog.” “Incorrect. This is actually an animal called a ‘raccoon’” “What? No! It’s got the ears and the tail!”

“Okay, okay, I got this. That’s not a dog. It’s way too big it’s uhhh I think humans call them bears.” “Incorrect. This is a dog breed called a ‘newfoundland’” 

i can just imagine the angara tossing the place after one wrong answer too many

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he took a watermelon from the grocery shelves so he cld eat it…



we’re cleaning out our book collection and my dad REFUSES to throw out the like 2005 toronto public school poetry anthology that has my fucking, sasunaru fanart as the cover and i’m going to pass out

in case anyone thought i wasn’t legit this is it. my teacher submitted this as an entry for the cover competition without telling me and it won and i had to go to the fucking schoolboard wide award show about it and shitty emo 10 year old me had to get up on stage while everyone clapped while this was projected behind me at a massive scale and none of the adults knew it was a fucking naruto thing but all my peers absolutely did. my father owns two copies and i think it’s the thing ive done that he’s the most proud of me for and it haunts me every day of my life

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Photo © Jeff Kahn

The Regret

This is super hilarious to me. Because generally speaking, owls are way less intelligent than other raptors. So this moment is kinda like a grown adult suddenly getting slammed into place by an overgrown five year old.

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This is the money pentacle. Reblog and unexpected money will come to you!

Shiiiiit. I reblogged, and I got $750 in two days for basically nothing! The first day this client/POT asked my agent to invite some girls and I to his end. We basically sipped wine and left with $500 each. He called me yesterday and we took a ride on my highway and gave me $250😂😂😂. Money blogs everyday any day!

Won’t chance it.

Yo this shit works not even gonna front like I didn’t just get money

Let me reblog this 2x then 😂

Do the thing pls

im screaming it worked lmfao

Not to be a “tumblr witch” but I’ll try anything twice

Guys…. I didn’t think it would work but wtf….I just checked my email…

I have an extra $600 I didn’t have before ;____;

Fuck it, I need the money 😂

i hope my insurance company gives me a nice reimbursement check for paying my anesthesiologist out of pocket <3



im sure this has been pointed out but the fact that ronald reagan died during pride month is just wonderful………..rot bitch


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I’m just gonna take this as a sign…

I reblog this every time I see it. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Help out Momo!




An incredible friend of mine needs help.

I have known Momo ( @alotofmomos ) for years, and he has been nothing but kind, supportive, and empathetic. Last year, we met for the first time, and he pushed my wheelchair when I was too weak to walk. And as he learned, being in a wheelchair is much harder than it looks.

After witnessing first hand the struggles that disabled people go through on a daily basis, Momo, an engineering student, decided to take action. He researched his university and made one of the most important projects for his degree entirely about accessibility. After doing extensive research and asking for my input, he created a comprehensive plan to make life better for students on his campus. This was much to the dismay of staff members who defensively insisted that bare minimum ADA compliance was more than what disabled people deserved. They told Momo that his project was useless and laughed at him.

But he stood his ground anyway. He risked his grade and his entire degree on what we had experienced together and on the stories I shared of my own struggles with accessibility. He risked his freaking future to try and make life better for people like me, and to assert that not enough is being done.

But he needs your help. Due to unfortunate circumstances, it costs Momo $20 each way to get to his new internship. $40 a day. He is trying to find alternative options, but right now has to give up food to make it to work. Not only that, he does not have enough to pay for doctors to fix some painful medical issues. A paycheck would pay for the transportation at least, but his first paycheck is in a month.

In short: My good friend Momo, a disability rights advocate and all around amazing friend needs help. And honestly he deserves all the help he can get. If you can, please support him!

Even if the transportation gets figured out, he still needs help paying for food and medicine!

Ko-Fi is a platform that allows people to donate money in small increments known as “coffees”.
Each “coffee” donation is $3. You can give as little or as many coffees as you like. Ko-Fi accepts card and PayPal!

Thank you so much for reading. Please help me help Momo so he can continue help others!


Heya guys, Momo/Blues is pretty much one of my oldest and best friends in the world. It would seriously mean the world to me if you could signal boost this, because he could really use help and this is pretty much all I can do for now. 

Reblogging this again to signal boost. Thanks peeps

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