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May 23 2018



“Your friend does sound like a total pain in the ass, honestly. But you’re anxious mostly because you don’t know how to set boundaries with her. Instead of telling her what you want and what you will and won’t do, you lie to her, make excuses, avoid her, and let off steam about how awful she is with friends. That’s how most people are in their 20s, and I have a ton of empathy for feeling stuck there. I’ve been stuck there for decades with a few different friends, in fact, because I love complicated women who are full of anger and love to talk a lot of shit. I would never have admitted that when I was younger, but that is totally my type of lady. After all, isn’t the world completely insane and fucked? Who isn’t driven crazy by the enormous mountains of bullshit tumbling down on a woman every goddamn day of her life? Who doesn’t sometimes dislike pretty, confident women who never seem to show their asses, even under duress?

But if you want to know interesting, intense people — and I know I do — you’re going to discover that a LOT of them are also careless and confused and ruled by shame. And you won’t know which of them are complex, difficult, and ALSO amazingly loyal and great, and which of them are complex, difficult, and ALSO totally not worth the effort UNLESS you ask them for exactly what you want and inform them (without shaming them!) when they hurt you. 

And even beyond this particular friendship, if you want to grow up and become stronger and more open to the world in general, it’s crucial to learn how to tell people — even difficult people — what you will and won’t do for them and how you would like to be treated. I get that most people don’t talk that way. I get that most people are openly afraid of direct statements like “I don’t think I can do that for you” or “I don’t really want to hash out what’s wrong with my close friends with you. I get that you don’t love them, but I do.” Many people dislike it when you assert healthy boundaries, in fact. As women, we are essentially schooled in the art of NEVER HAVING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. But fuck that noise. Freedom and happiness are impossible when you can’t ask for what you want and say what you mean without apology. You can be kind about it. You just have to try.”

Ask Polly: ‘Should I Dump My Toxic Friend?’


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“I need to go through this. We need to go through this. Together. I’m going to make you empathize with dirty computers all around the world.”

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🌺Spring🌺 cats with 👑 🌺

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First blackwork done!

May 22 2018

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Traditional Chinese hanfu by 重回汉唐

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Actually very well made, but still via Shitty_Car_Mods

nothing will appease these fucks



Draw a cactus mage.

a good spikey boi 

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Dragon and Flaaaaaame
For CD Challenge !

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Feels like I have posted this before. If so, excuse.

Garden View by Dawn Pollard

National Academy of Needlearts, 2017 exemplary 

Fel Arts


I am moving my art posts to a side blog! You can follow this for updates on art and such. I will of course be reblogging some stuff over here, especially fan arts (when/if I do them).

I would really appreciate if you gave this a follow!!

Creativity is heresy, every time.


“THREAD: there is no one way to be a writer, no one way to tell a story, no one way to do this thing we do as a hobby or as a job or as an art form. Some write a little every day, in an office; some write a lot at one time at varying, sporadic points. It’s all okay.” 

An important thread from the Master of Evil Bees, Chuck Wendig, about the writing process. YOUR writing process. Not anyone else’s. 


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“And I think when you have suicide rates going up, when you have the bullying, when you have maybe even the drug usage because people are not feeling comfortable being their unique selves, because of the societal norms and the pressures of conforming or because they feel like they have to erase parts of them because they’re not socially accepted, I felt like through my truth it could help other people walk in their truth and breathe a little easier.”

Janelle Monáe: I’m A Proud Queer Woman

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Harvest Mouse climbing up a dandelion by Matt Binstead

I’m going to start losing weight again, so if you would prefer to avoid seeing those posts for whatever reason, I will be tagging them fel health.

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Fire Opal - Virgin Valley District, Virgin Valley, Humboldt Co., Nevada

Opalized wood

am I the only one seeing a ham sandwich in the first rock

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